Battery life:

See FAQs for more info on how long you can expect a single battery to last in your hoop. Here’s a few tips that may also help:

The power button on the remote control will turn off the LEDs but will still drain some battery power. Whenever possible disconnect the battery using the push-button connector.

By default the hoop is on full brightness. A lower brightness setting will drain less power from the battery.

Settings which use less LEDs will drain less power from the battery.

Ensure your batteries are fully charging (see below)

My batteries are not charging properly:

The red light means the battery charger is charging.
The green light means not charging – either the battery is fully charged or it is not connected properly.

16mm (5/8”) hoops – smaller batteries:
The smaller batteries that come with the 16mm hoops need to sit-up in the charger to get a good connection. (After much research, we still haven’t found any companies that make chargers specifically for this size of battery, only the universal ones as we supply.)
Solution: Adding some foam-rubber padding where the battery sits or putting the battery inside a small piece of 16mm plastic tubing before putting it in the charger can help.

My hoop turns off on it’s own:

Possibility 1: Batteries not charged
Before the hoop turns off do the lights begin to falter and go more red/orange? This would suggest the batteries may not be fully charged.

Possibility 2: Save slots
This behaviour can sometimes happen if some of the SAVE slots have been left blank.
Solution: Using the remote control, fill all 8 SAVE slots in the hoop with your favourite settings. (See remote control guide in instructions booklet).

My hoop won’t turn on, even when I put in a new battery:

This situation can occur if the battery is allowed to go completely flat, (for example if you turn the hoop off with the remote control it still uses a small amount of electricity, so if you leave it overnight without disconnecting the battery at the push-button connector it will completely drain the battery.)
Solution: Make sure the battery is fully charged, connect the hoop, then press the RESET button (Bottom right on the remote control). Your hoop should light up on a green or red setting.

My hoop's connector is difficult to open/close:

If your hoop is brand new:
After the hoop first uncoils and  from being packaged, it can take a little time to properly relax and re-find it’s shape. This can sometimes cause the connector to be difficult to open/close.
Solution: Store the hoop as a big round and apply a little Vaseline to the plastic connector. The issue should ease with time as the polypro tubing relaxes.

If your hoop is used:
This can happen if any dirt or grit has found it’s way into the connector.
Solution: Clean out the inner cuff (where the battery is) and  wipe the insert connector with a dry cloth, then apply a small amount of Vaseline to lubricate it.

The settings don't change when I press the remote control:

Possibility 1: Battery on hoop or remote is running low
If either the hoop battery or the coin-cell battery inside the remote is running low the hoop may not be able to pick up the signal.
Solution: Replace the hoop battery with one that is fully charged and try again. If this fails try replacing the remote control battery.

Possibility 2: Receiver blocked
The remote receiver is situated next to the connector (where the sticker is). If this area is blocked, for example by the body or hand, then the signal won’t get through.
Solution: Ensure the area around the connector is clean and open before using the remote.

Possibility 3: Hoop is moving too fast
If the hoop is moving fast, the hoop may not be able to pick up the signal.
Solution: Simply point the remote at the connector when the hoop is not moving for best results.

How to sync multiple hoops:

How to sync the hoops to play the same setting:
1) Place the hoops (not moving) with the connectors together.
2) Point the remote at the connectors & press the RESET/PLAY button (bottom right on the remote control – 2 arrows going in a circle icon)
Now both hoops should in-sync on a red setting – if not press again.
3) Now navigate to the setting you want.
How to sync your saved settings in a sequence:
1) fill all 8 save-slots (both hoops the same together) with your favourite settings.
2) press the RESET/PLAY button to sync the hoops.
3) press LOAD then RESET/PLAY.
The hoops should be in-sync and play through all 8 settings in a loop.
Random mode: Put both hoops together,  press the RESET/PLAY button then press the DEMO button. However the hoops may not stay completely in-sync due to random factors.