Hoop Care Tips:

Ulaoops smart hoops are made from high-quality clear polypro tubing making them light-weight, fast & responsive. Here’s a few tips to help you keep your hoop in good condition:

  • Don’t leave in the sun, in a hot car, on a hot pavement or near a radiator as it may warp the tubing.
  • Take extra care in cold weather. Polypro tubing becomes more brittle in low temperatures and thus more likely to crack or break.
  • Do not pull on the hoop. This may cause it to become mis-shaped.
  • Hoop on a soft surface such as grass or carpet & avoid hard, rough surfaces such as tarmac to prevent scratches or impact fractures to tubing.
  • Make sure you have enough free-space around you to avoid impacts.
  • Avoid aggressive hooping tricks which may twist or kink the tubing. Most normal hooping tricks won’t damage the tubing or electronic circuit, although certain moves may cause structural trauma to
    the hoop and electronic components, such as a high impact hit or accidentally landing on it when trying to jump through it.
  • Take great care if coiling down the hoop for travel, etc. Temperature can affect the strength of the tubing and over-coiling , especially in cold temperatures, can lead to bent or cracked tubing if not very careful.
  • Don’t store the hoop in a coiled-down position. If a coiled-down hoop is exposed to excess heat, it may cause tubing to become permanently warped.
  • Avoid wet or damp environments with your LED hula hoop.
  • Do not leave your LED hula hoop outside or anywhere it may be exposed to moisture.
  • Only use your fingers to press on the push-button connector. Using other objects may cause the connecter to be pushed inside the hoop.
  • Damage to tubing is not covered under the warranty so please take appropriate care of your hoop.