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Ulaoops Polypro LED Smart Hula Hoops

With multiple patterns, modes, colours & speed settings, the Ulaoops Polypro LED Smart Hoop has over 9000 combinations, making it the perfect prop to add dazzling effects & geometric trails to a hoop-dance performance or photo-shoot. With years spent in development it has been tried & tested by experienced hoop dancers at every stage to ensure a design that is lightweight & durable with easy-to-use settings controlled by remote control. Available in 19mm (3/4″) or 16mm (5/8″) Polypro.

Ulaoops Classic - Polypro LED Smart Hoop:

  • Ultrabright Hi-tech LEDs
    Each LED, spaced at 3.3cm apart around the hoop, contains its own inbuilt micro-circuit allowing it to be individually controlled & capable of displaying over 16 million colours.
  • Light-weight & Responsive
    We use Polypro hoops with light-weight electronic components. Available in 3/4″ (19mm) or 5/8″(16mm) tubing.
  • ‘Easy-Push’ push button
    This sleek new design feature is much less stiff than a regular push-button making it much easier to connect/disconnect the battery.
  • Infrared Remote Control
    Our user-friendly remote control is designed to make it easy to explore different settings & find your favourites. It also works up to 45 meters away from the hoop!
  • Multiple Customizable patterns
    Create strobe effects, ultra-fast movers and chasers or slow twinkles & fades in your favorite colours: – An embedded microchip, which works like a miniature computer allows you to sequence through your hoop settings such as Colours, Mode, Pattern, Speed/frequency with thousands of possible combinations.
  • ‘Standard’, ‘Movers and chasers’ and ‘Graphics’ Modes
    Each mode has a range of diverse patterns including static colours, flashes, fades, twinkles, stripes, dynamic movers and chasers, geometric patterns & shapes, as well as some ever-changing patterns & colours which might never repeat the same sequence twice.  A separate demo for each mode can be used to shuffle through possible combinations  as well as a Full hoop demo.
  • Many patterns individually configured to your hoop size
    For example: Continuous movers and chasers not disappearing into the battery gap.
  • 16 Colours & More
    Our Standard Mode has 16 preset colours & allows you to choose between single-colour, 3 x 3-colour options, and rainbow colours, so each setting can be used in 65 carefully  selected colour combinations.
  • No Rattle Construction
    Padding protects the internal circuit & LEDs & prevents any annoying rattling sounds.
  • Minimal Battery Gap
    The LEDs go through the connector, keeping the gap to a minimum of just the length of the battery plus contacts.
  • Reverse Battery Protection
    This protective feature clamps the circuit & prevents any damage to the electronics if the battery is accidentally inserted the wrong-way round.
  • Save your favourite settings
    The hoop has 8 save slots, so you can quickly save & reload your favorite combinations.
  • Create a timed sequence of your favourite settings
    You can sequence your saved settings as well as set the times for each pattern change, e.g to a piece of music. (Note: This feature was designed with 1 or 2 hoops in mind so may not be ideal for multi-hoops. If you have any doubts please get in touch via the contact form for more info.)
  • Health conscious & environmentally friendly
    We use only lead-free solder & ROHS compliant components.
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Ulaoops Draw - Programmable Polypro LED Smart Hoop:

  • Create your own designer graphics
    In addition to having all the features of the Classic, you can also create your own graphics using our easy-to-use UlaGraphics computer software.
  • Share your graphics
    You can save all your designs to your computer and easily share them with friends via email.
  • Extra Mode
    This hoop has an extra mode where all of your uploads are stored so you’ll never save over any of the standard settings. You’ll be able to play your uploaded patterns in the chosen colours as well as in any of the hoop’s existing colour schemes, including the rainbow setting.
  • Software
    The UlaGraphics software allows you to to design 16×16 graphics in 1 to 3 of your chosen colours and upload them to your hoop. The software runs using Java. If you don’t already have java installed you can download and install it for free here:  Java JRE.