How much does it weigh?

Ulaoops LED Hoops are amongst the lightest Smart hoops available. The overall weight of the hoop depends on the size, tubing diameter, etc.
For example:
34″ hoop with 19mm tubing= 0.28 kg (9.9 oz)
34″ hoop with 16mm tubing= 0.23 kg (8.1 oz)
(Weights include battery).

Does the hoop have a counterweight?

Our hoops do not have a counterweight. During testing we found the added weight would hinder the speed and performance of the hoop. The 16mm hoops are more balanced overall due to the smaller battery.

Hoop Size Measurements: Outer Diameter (OD) or Inner Diameter (ID)?

We measure/size our hoops by Outer Diameter (OD). If you are used to ordering hoops from the USA you are probably more used to Inner Diameter (ID) measurements so when ordering from ULA you should consider one size larger.

How long does the battery last?

This will vary depending on things like pattern, colour, brightness, etc. For example, a pattern where all LEDs are lit continuously will drain power much faster than one where only a few LEDs are lit.  It is also dependent on tubing size as a smaller battery is required for the thinner 16mm tubing.

For a 19mm (3/4″) hoop on full brightness, a single 900mAh battery lasts on average 2-3 hours of continuous use.

For a 16mm (5/8″) hoop on full brightness, a single 600mAh lasts on average 1-2 hours of continuous use. However some settings will drain the battery faster/slower than this (Examples: Full rainbow chaser: 30 mins, Graphics demo mode: 55 mins, chaser fade 1h 30mins, 3 LED chaser: 3 hours.)

Battery-life can be extended by turning down the brightness & the removable battery design means you can instantly replace the battery with one that is fully charged. (We provide 3 spare batteries with the 16mm hoop & one spare battery with 19mm hoop, plus charger.)

Is there a battery gap?

The Ulaoops ‘Classic’ and ‘Draw’ LED hoops both have a minimal battery gap which is just the size of the battery (approximately 6cm / 2 inches). The removable battery design means you can instantly replace the battery with one that is fully charged.

Multiple hoops: How do I synchronise the settings/sequence?

How to sync the hoops to play the same setting:
1) Place the hoops (not moving) with the connectors together.
2) Point the remote at the connectors & press the RESET/PLAY button (bottom right on the remote control – 2 arrows going in a circle icon)
Now both hoops should in-sync on a red setting – if not press again.

3) Now navigate to the setting you want.

How to sync your saved settings in a sequence:
1) fill all 8 save-slots (both hoops the same together) with your favourite settings.
2) press the RESET/PLAY button to sync the hoops.
3) press LOAD then RESET/PLAY.
The hoops should be in-sync and play through all 8 settings in a loop.
Random mode: Put both hoops together,  press the RESET/PLAY button then press the DEMO button. However the hoops may not stay completely in-sync due to random factors.